Becoming Self Aware


The definition of self awareness is “having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions.” Being self aware allows you to examine your thoughts and feelings to accurately make decisions regarding your life based on your core beliefs and skills. Being self aware is a key element in becoming a qualified entrepreneur.

In order to become a qualified entrepreneur, you must have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge in your field. Being self aware allows you to clearly see if you are able to improve upon your company or if another manager is more qualified to lead the organization moving forward.

An important element to self awareness is objectivity. This can be difficult. Being objective means being able to look past all of the outside elements to truly focus on the variables at hand in order to make a sound decision.

Another vital element to being self aware is critical thinking. You must be able to make rational, informed decisions. You have to foresee situations and circumstances before they develop. If you can do this with critical thinking skills, you will be able to clearly see what you have to offer and what weaknesses you may have. This is also a great time to assess whether or not those weaknesses can become strengths with training and education or if they are beyond your scope of skills.

Next, you must possess openness for self awareness. You must be able to perceive all the possibilities to accurately examine your thoughts and feelings. Introspection is an essential element when exploring your own mental state.

When you are self aware you have a better understanding of your core values. Ideally, each of us should be able to stand firm on our personal and company core values, despite changes in products or services, strategy, or personnel.

Being able to reflect and assess your situation is a main principle of self awareness. Internal and external pressures can put a set of core values to the test, but it is important to never waver on these values and to use them as a beacon on how to move forward with maximum results.

At the end of the day, being self aware isn’t just important for personal growth, but also for a company to grow. Self awareness can help determine which of the three qualified roles entrepreneurs can choose to pursue based on their passions. These three roles are: the Leader who runs the organization, the Role-Player who takes a supporting role, and the Creator who chooses to move on and start a new company.

Self awareness allows you to make better decisions that will maximize the value of your company. Develop this skill, use this skill, and coach this skill if you want to be successful.