The Second Decision

Any entrepreneur can start a company and call themselves a CEO. However, a title doesn’t mean that the one wielding it is qualified. You made the first decision, to become an entrepreneur. Now make The Second Decision and choose to become a qualified entrepreneur.

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Harry Truman

Randy H. Nelson, a former Nuclear Submarine officer, founder of two multi-million dollar enterprises and Chairman of the General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center Advisory Board in North Carolina, has created a qualification program (The Entrepreneur Qual Card™) to help entrepreneurs acquire the disciplines and skills necessary to grow a vibrant company and lead it successfully.

The Second Decision, by Randy Nelson“You have a choice to make! Stay at the level you’re at or rise to the challenge of becoming the Entrepreneurial Leader/CEO you dreamt you’d be. Choose to become a Qualified Entrepreneur™ by making The Second Decision™, and begin exploring the right role for you and your organization for the next 3-5 years: The Leader, The Role-Player or the Creator.”

Randy Nelson

Paul Levering

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