Why is ‘The Second Decision’ Necessary?

The Second Decision Becoming a Qualified Entrepreneur - Randy Nelson

Are you truly qualified to lead your company? Are you holding your company back? Are you continuing to build your legacy or starting to taint it?

To be qualified, you must have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge in your field. You also have to have the self-awareness necessary to perform tasks. You must possess the ability to reflect on your growth and knowledge that you have attained to improve upon yourself and business.

The Second Decision is centered around making the commitment to become a qualified entrepreneur. Any entrepreneur can start a company and call themselves a CEO. However, a title doesn’t mean that the one wielding it is qualified.

Asking yourself some simple questions can help start the process in determining if you are truly cut out to be the qualified CEO of your business. Are you enjoying this? Do you want to? Those simple questions start the self reflection needed to be qualified.

Going Out of BusinessWith so many small businesses closing, it is necessary that only the best are involved with leading your vision into a flourishing organization. The Small Business Administration’s figures on business failure are sobering: 50% of the new companies are gone 5 years out, and nearly 70% are history at 10 years. What is equally disturbing are the many companies that simply under produce. They may last a long time, but they never achieve what they could – and if management or leadership issues aren’t the entire cause of the problem, they are certainly a factor.

Ask yourself this question: “If your organization was not around in 5 years, what would the industry(ies) you serve miss out on?

I firmly believe that this book’s program of leadership and managerial self-assessment will help to reduce the failure rate of entrepreneurial companies in this nation. It should also increase the longevity and productivity of companies that are reaching the often-dangerous phases of their lives—fast growth, becoming fully managed, and ultimately reaching maturity.

The Second DecisionThe Second Decision is necessary for all companies. Each chapter considers an aspect of entrepreneurial/corporate leadership, detailing what’s required of the person at the helm. At the end of each chapter, you’ll have the opportunity to conduct a performance review on yourself, essentially asking, “Do I have the skills I need?” With these self-assessments in place, you’ll reach the end of the book able to evaluate how well you’re equipped to “complete the mission”—for your employees, your investors, and advisers, but most importantly, for your own satisfaction and fulfillment. You’ll have made The Second Decision.

Reading The Second Decision is just the beginning of your commitment to improving You, Inc. and the company you worked so hard to create.