The Second Decision

The #1 Bestseller in 51 Different Business Categories

The Second Decision is the choice you make when you fully realize the responsibility that rests on your shoulders. Are you enjoying this? Do you possess the vision, the personal skills, the perseverance and the nuts-and-bolts knowledge your company needs from its leader at this stage of growth? If not, can you get there? Do you want to?

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“I finished this book in two days. Literally, I could not put it down. I was late for meals, late for sleep, late for work, and late back from lunch!”

Scott Griffin
CEO, Practicon

“The Second Decision is a must-read…. This book goes way beyond the usual ‘nice-in-theory’ business advice and gives you actual hands-on, do-able strategies for building a strong company with a game plan for lasting success!”

Christine Kane
CEO, Uplevel You

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Randy H. Nelson is an expert in taking entrepreneurial leaders on a self-awareness journey. Everything he knows about entrepreneurial and leadership skills comes from his unique real-world experiences as a business owner, CEO, speaker, coach, consultant, and U.S. Navy Lieutenant. Randy is committed to helping entrepreneurial leaders acquire the discipline and skills necessary to become qualified to grow a vibrant company, and lead it successfully.

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