You’re an entrepreneurial leader who is very happy with the way things are. You might employ some of the leadership strategies that move them towards becoming even more of a qualified entrepreneurial leader, but not necessarily all of them. In this moment in time, you like your business life the way it is; you just see the benefit of stepping up your game in a few specific ways. A Status Quo Leader who stays that way for long periods of time may actually risk taking a few steps backwards against their competition, especially if the competition is being led by a qualified entrepreneurial leader who is actively leading change in your industry with their strategic moves. A status quo leader is confident that they “know what they know” and that they “know what they don’t know”. A question to consider for a Status Quo leader: Is it also ok for your employees to remain status quo as well? The qualified entrepreneurial leader understands that the growth of a company is limited by the growth of its leaders, and if there is a big disparity between the actions of the leader and its employees there could be potential turnover issues to deal with down the road. One potential move a status quo leader could make is to hire people even better than themselves to work for them in specific areas, assisting the leader in areas that “they don’t know they don’t know”. Refer to the ACT Card below to find suggested areas where a Status Quo Leader can look for improvement.

In addition to the Teaching column of the ACT Card, Status Quo Leaders who have a desire to become more qualified might also want to pay attention to the Consultation and Accountability column as well.


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