The Creator is self-confident and very entrepreneurial focused, and is ok to continue on the path they are on currently. You love the company you are building and are focused on growing it, with you in charge of the enterprise. You love autonomy. You “know what you know” and are very confident in your abilities. You are not necessarily concerned at this point in your entrepreneurial career at growing your own leadership skills but rather spend your time leading your organization with your entrepreneurial skill set. The Creator is considered to be the qualified entrepreneurial leader when they make the decision to either become the qualified leader, committing to grow their leadership skills as fast as the company is growing, or hiring a CEO (qualified entrepreneurial leader) to run the business to free themselves up to focus on their entrepreneurial strengths. Typically, at some point in the future, the Creator will prefer to hire the right people to operate the business so that he or she can continue to build new businesses/divisions/new products, etc…. The potential risk for an entrepreneur leading as a Creator is that their organization may not be getting the discipline or accountability it needs to improve at this stage of its growth. The second risk area is the “I don’t know what I don’t know” blind spot. The Creator can potentially overcome this by hiring A players onto their team who bring significant capabilities to the organization.

Refer to the ACT Card below to find a few suggested areas where a Creator can look for improvement


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