The Dabbler is the entrepreneurial leader who would like to make improvement in both your entrepreneurial and leadership skills but is not quite sure what steps to take next to make progress in those areas. You’re willing to employ some of the leadership strategies that would move you towards becoming a qualified entrepreneurial leader, but not necessarily all of them simply due to time constraints. You are concerned that you are not making all of the right moves to grow your organization and are very willing to learn from others to make progress towards your goals. You have made great strides in your own self-awareness that along with your self-confidence will be helpful to your continued growth as a leader moving forward. You would prefer to remain as the Leader but realize that improvement needs to happen. Congrats to you for acknowledging that there are many areas where “You know you don’t know” all the right moves to make.

You embrace the philosophy that a company is limited by the growth of its leaders and you want to take the next step in your own leadership journey My hope is that your movement toward achieving some of the characteristics of being a qualified entrepreneur takes hold and inspires you to commit fully.

Refer to ACT Card below and find out how you can improve in this area. Remember, everyone has their own, unique entrepreneurial journey and Randy has a plan tailored specifically for your destination.

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