Coaching by Randy H. Nelson

Randy H. Nelson is the CEO of Gold Dolphins, LLC, a coaching, writing, speaking and consulting firm for entrepreneurs and leaders. He’s also a 30+ year, serial entrepreneur with two successful enterprises (Orion Talent and NSTAR Global Services) which today are industry leaders that have produced over $1 billion in sales. Moreover, Randy has sat or sits on multiple Boards, has received many distinguished entrepreneurial and leadership awards and is the author of two #1 bestselling ForbesBooks titles on Amazon.

The Decision Series for Entrepreneurs by Randy H Nelson

He has spent thousands of hours in conversations with entrepreneurial leaders over the past three decades with his involvement in EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) and Vistage, honing his coaching skills that focus on helping the entrepreneurial leader with their professional development as well as the growth of their business.

All this experience is what Randy imparts in his bestselling Decision Series for Entrepreneurs® books. He is sought out by organizations throughout the world to coach, mentor, teach and advise their entrepreneurial leaders and leadership teams as well as to actively facilitate their leadership meetings.

Randy provides his private, personalized coaching to a select few organizations at The Decision Center in Garner, NC. As part of Randy’s coaching, he will be sharing what will eventually be The Fourth Decision, among other advanced leadership and entrepreneurial techniques, skills and mindsets.

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