Randy is passionate about his core purpose above – the “Why” we all strive to answer in our own businesses…why do we matter to our customers? In three words – Entrepreneurial Leadership Development!

In addition to Randy’s public speaking events, Randy offers a limited number of clients the opportunity to work with him directly at his offsite retreat center, The Decision Center. As a student himself for over 40 years, Randy has traveled the world to attend training classes from some of the most respected thought leaders in the world in Entrepreneurship and Leadership, from California to Toronto to the campus of MIT.

He has taken the very best from each of those experiences and developed The Decision Center as his creative “Think Space,” built specifically for entrepreneurial leaders and their leadership teams. Randy facilitates productive dialogue that guides the leadership team towards making better decisions faster, and with more confidence.

Upon entering, it is easy to see why this space becomes the destination of choice for Randy’s private clients. From the 40-foot whiteboard, to the fully customizable setup of tables and chairs for each client, to the selection of coffee, drinks and snacks available throughout the day, Randy’s clients are perfectly positioned for the ultimate think and decision day, away from the day-to-day distractions of their own office.

The Decision Center

How do you engage with Randy if you have not attended one of the keynotes/workshops that he has spoken at? There are three ways.

The Decision Series for Entrepreneurs by Randy H Nelson

  • Nicknamed “The Triangle’s Yoda,” Randy selects most of his new clients after they have been referred by long-term satisfied clients. Please identify if you have been introduced to Randy via a referral when you contact us.
  • If you have not been referred, and since there are a limited number of slots available each year, your first step is to watch The Decision Series video on Randy’s homepage, then to take The Entrepreneurial Leadership Quiz on Randy’s website. We will get the results and review them, but it is up to you to follow up directly with Randy to set up a meeting to discuss the results…at The Decision Center.

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  • Read The Decision Series for Entrepreneurs® books and sign up for his newsletter (published twice monthly).
  • Coming in 2021…Randy will be hosting Mastermind Groups at The Decision Center…more to come on this in the future. If you are interested in discussing, please contact us below.