“Over my 50-year business career, there are a few business thought leaders who bring forth an idea that is profound and will reshape the way we think. Yes, we can say Peter Drucker, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Jim Collins, Michael Gerber, Patrick Lencioni, Malcom Gladwell, Simon Sinek, David Marquet come to mind. I believe Randy Nelson’s concepts of the Second Decision are in this illustrious list.”

–Tony Hutti, CEO/Owner

The entrepreneurial and leadership worlds are filled with driven, passionate people who want to change the world. Some change it dramatically and others add value in smaller doses. Unfortunately, many fail. 50% of all businesses that start fail within five years, and 70% fail within 10 years. We need to do better.

Thus the Decision Series for Entrepreneurs®, a series of books and columns written to raise the self-awareness of the reader and to challenge each and every one of you to reach your full potential, for you, your employees, and those important to you in life.

Its purpose: Challenge you to grow your self-awareness and skills—so that you not only live the entrepreneurial lifestyle successfully, but love living it!

Some days as an entrepreneurial leader will be hard, to be sure. But to the Decision Series entrepreneurial leaders, they will be worth it. Those are the days when we learn the most.

Let’s take a look at the four decisions.

The First Decision

Are you ready to start your business?

The Informed entrepreneur

The First Decision was made when your business was started by an entrepreneur – maybe you! The idea on the napkin has turned real. Imagine yourself at a nice restaurant toasting your successful start to your entrepreneurial career with your significant other and best friends—you are off to the races!

The First Decision Randy H. Nelson

Randy writes a monthly column for Durham, NC-based ExitEvent, a forum for thought leaders that provides the news, information, and tools emerging companies and smart investors need to grow their businesses, and in a talk-shop kind of way. In the column, he provides insights on entrepreneurship and leadership for the startup entrepreneur. Each month he asks a different thought-provoking question designed to make you sit back and think. Randy offers his insight into the question, common mistakes made by entrepreneurs, and the key take-away to ponder.

Randy’s goals: To become more informed as a startup entrepreneur; to increase your self-awareness and knowledge to give you the best chance for future success.

The Second Decision

Are you a truly qualified leader, in the right seat for the next 3-5 years?

The Qualified Entrepreneur

The first decision you make as an entrepreneur is to start your company.

Are you prepared for The Second Decision, to become a qualified entrepreneur and to discover your role with the company for the next 3-5 years?

Are you prepared to embrace the fact that the growth of a company is limited by the growth of its leaders?

Can you make the transition from Founder to CEO?

The Second Decision

The Second Decision, Randy’s debut bestseller, is written to address the top reasons companies either fail or underperform.

Randy has combined his six years of service, 25 years of business experience, and thousands of hours with business leaders to develop The Entrepreneurial Qual Card. Chapter by chapter, you will discover whether you are a Leader that will take the company on your shoulders, a Role-Player that takes another position in the company, or a Creator that moves on to the next big idea.

Determine your role and make the hard leadership decisions to help your company beat the odds and keep growing for years to come. Whichever role suits you best, The Second Decision will give you the self-awareness and the step-by-step guide to be—or to train—the Qualified leader that your company needs.

The Second Decision hands you the tools you need to become a powerful leader and guide your company to reach its full potential.

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The Third Decision

Are you being intentional with your decisions on life outside of work to minimize the chance of regret in the future?

The Intentional Entrepreneur

All of us have lives outside of work, but oftentimes those lives take a back seat to the day-to-day demands of our growing businesses.

Whereas The Second Decision is built upon the top reasons companies fail or underperform, The Third Decision is centered around the top regrets entrepreneurial leaders typically have in their lives, in areas such as money, health, education, family, leisure time, love, and more.

The Third Decision

Being an intentional entrepreneur requires you to think ahead, asking yourself some tough questions about what you might, in the future, regret about today. The Third Decision will help you conduct a clear-eyed examination not just of what you’re doing now and why, but also how you might feel when you look back on it someday in the future. Are you content with how you’re living, or aren’t you? Will you work to control your addiction and make room for a fuller and more satisfying life or is this the life you would choose first, last, and always? By the end of the book, you will have developed a list of non-negotiables to govern your decisions: things you simply won’t compromise on, regardless of what your growing entrepreneurial business venture demands of you. Non-negotiables—one of the critical success factors in building a regret-free life beyond business!

What decisions do you need to make to live a regret-free entrepreneurial life?

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The Fourth Decision

Whats next?

The Serial Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs and leaders everywhere taste success and then want more. They become serial entrepreneurs and leaders, driven by challenges that push them to the next big thing.

The Fourth Decision Randy H. Nelson

Then the cycle repeats itself. The serial entrepreneur makes The First Decision all over again and starts another company. Or maybe this time, they accept a role as the CEO of an existing company and move right into The Second Decision, becoming a qualified entrepreneurial leader in their new company. Most importantly, they will need to re-evaluate the Third Decision, and their non-negotiables the second time around. Will anything change, or will everything stay the same when you start your second career?

If you are interested in sharing your stories about your own Fourth Decision, please send them to us through the contact page on randyhnelson.com as Randy’s book The Fourth Decision is in process and will include case studies of those who have had to make the difficult decision of “what to do next.”

Despite what you may think, studies have proven that too much choice can be a bad thing, and selling your first business or reaching the top of the leadership mountain will most certainly give you choices that others don’t have. Unfortunately, success does not make the rest of your life blue sky and apple pie. Life’s challenges remain, and are sometimes multiplied for the most successful.

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One Comment on ““The Decision Series for Entrepreneurs®”

  1. Scott Edwards

    Randy, I will see you on Tuesday but wanted you to know that I will share my career story for you to review. My passion at this point in my career is to give back, in a structured manner, what I have learned and experienced over the 42 years I have worked in industry. I have worked for small entrepreneurial companies and I have worked for very large corporate organizations. I have learned continuously from both environments.

    I hope my journey will help you in your endeavors assist others in theirs.

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