What do you need to schedule FIRST in 2020… for yourself?

Those 2020 meetings are starting to pop up on your schedule, aren’t they? And your schedule is so free, you don’t think twice about committing to them now…so much free time to do what you want, what problem could there be with starting to schedule work meetings now?

Here is my challenge for you this month

Schedule your time first. Schedule your family (and friends) time first…and schedule them now.

We always find time to attend our  work meetings throughout the year. We always have the best of intentions too, to take that real vacation next year and enjoy some well-deserved R & R. But we fail too often, and it needs to stop now. Many years ago, I learned the phrase, “pay yourself first”. I committed to putting money away for savings/retirement prior to paying the rest of our bills. Financial discipline. Now is the time to extend that to our personal lives. Personal life discipline. I am challenging you to pay yourself first in 2020 by scheduling your time off now. Block it off and make it non-negotiable. Trust me, there will be plenty of room for your work meetings on your calendar…built around your committed time off!

So what is on YOUR schedule for 2020? It’s time to decide!

Randy H NelsonI am truly excited to publish my second book in my Decision Series for Entrepreneurs®  on February 5th, 2019, titled The Third Decision: The Intentional Entrepreneur – Building a Regret-Free Life Beyond Business. The book will go into greater detail on the RESET button and is built around the top regrets people typically have in their lives, outside of work. Whereas I challenged the reader to become qualified in my best-selling Second Decision book, I challenge entrepreneurs and leaders to become intentional and to commit to non-negotiables in this book. Non-negotiables are commitments that you are not willing to compromise on; they are off-limits for discussion. What are they not? Statements like, “I know I should,” “I really want to try,” or “I am going to give this my best shot.”

Now back to your stop list!

For more info, you can visit my website at www.randyhnelson.com.