What Health Decision Do You Need to Make Today?

What would you regret in the future about the decisions you have made pertaining to your health?

Every day there are things we have to decide, both in our personal and professional lives. Some are easy decisions and some are much tougher.

My challenge to you this month is to add the ! to the decision question above. It is not enough to decide, we also have to commit to implementing what we have decided….or in other words, stop procrastinating.

I know that we all get busy with out lives, and our health temporarily (or more) takes a back seat. What if it didn’t have to? What if you set a non-negotiable today so you can avoid potential regrets in the future?

My thoughts

Start being selfish, today, with your health. Yes you heard me right, be selfish. Take care of yourself better and I guarantee you can take better care of others.

Prioritize…Think…decide…and IMPLEMENT with a sense of urgency (!)…the clock is ticking…you have 15 minutes to decide.

I am truly excited that my second book in my Decision Series for Entrepreneurs®, titled The Third Decision: The Intentional Entrepreneur – Building a Regret-Free Life Beyond Business was published on February 5th, 2019. The book goes into greater detail on your nonnegotiables  and is built around the top regrets people typically have in their lives, outside of work. Whereas I challenged the reader to become qualified in my best-selling Second Decision book, I challenge entrepreneurs and leaders to become intentional and to commit to non-negotiables in this book. Non-negotiables are commitments that you are not willing to compromise on; they are off-limits for discussion. What are they not? Statements like, “I know I should,” “I really want to try,” or “I am going to give this my best shot.”