What’s #1 on Your Holiday Wishlist for Your Personal Life in 2020?

Personal 2020 Wish

The hardest thing to discover is the obvious.”

Last month I asked a similar question for your business. Now it’s time to answer it for your personal life.

Here is my challenge for you this month:

Figure out your #1 wish for your personal life in 2020, and then go make it happen.

Remember when we were kids and people asked us what we wished for?

Your #1 wish in your personal life is most likely one of the most important challenges or opportunities facing you in 2020. Think about it. Imagine you could just snap your finger and have your wish granted. With NO obstacles! Close your eyes and your wish comes true!

Here is the catch, the wish has to be one in which you control the next move…not someone else. Many times, we don’t hold ourselves accountable for change, but rather, we hope others will change.

Dreams never come true when hope is your strategy!

So, what’s your wish for your personal life in 2020 and what is stopping you from making your dream a reality?

Sometimes the answers are so obvious, once we figure out the right question to ask.

So, what is your #1 wish for your personal life in 2020?



Randy H NelsonI’m truly excited that my second book in my Decision Series for Entrepreneurs® titled The Third Decision: The Intentional Entrepreneur – Building a Regret-Free Life Beyond Business was published earlier this year. This book delves into the topic above and is built around the top regrets people have in their lives, outside of work. Whereas I challenged the reader to become qualified in my best-selling Second Decision; I challenge entrepreneurs and leaders to become intentional and to commit to non-negotiables in this book. Non-negotiables are commitments on which you’re not willing to compromise; they are off-limits. What are they not? They’re not statements like, “I know I should,” “I really want to try,” or “I am going to give this my best shot.” I challenge you to be intentional. You will be happy you are.

For more info, you can visit my website at www.randyhnelson.com.
Randy H Nelson