What do you need to say NO to, to free you up to focus on your most important priorities?

What do you need to say no to?

I was guilty for many years of mistaking busy activity for real progress. Whatever was on my to do list needed to be done right? And I had to try as many different things to help grow our sales, right…any activity is good activity right?

Here is my challenge for you this month:

Create your NO list and remain disciplined when tempted to jump into the list.

We have been taught to set our priorities so that we remain focused on the most important issues in our day to day work lives. Some of you might have implemented a “Stop Doing” list as well, finding yourself overwhelmed with too many priorities and not enough time to get them done. It is time to raise your game to another level. You need a new skill and a focused commitment to…Say NO.

Take a look at your goals for the next year. Set your 5 top goals. Now look at everything else you are considering doing today, in the next month, and over the next year. Imagine if you could free up your time to do your most important goals exceedingly well. Imagine, you could be at home at night not worrying about the list of 37 things on your to do list that are getting in your way of enjoying your time with your family and friends. It is time to make some of the list of 37 a NO.

Now, also use your common sense. If a NO becomes an absolute YES, reserve the right to change, the world is changing fast…but when you make it a YES – decide what you might need to stop focusing on that you have already committed to so you don’t overload yourself, once again.

So what is on your NO list? It’s time to decide!

Randy H NelsonI am truly excited that my second book in my Decision Series for Entrepreneurs®  titled The Third Decision: The Intentional Entrepreneur – Building a Regret-Free Life Beyond Business was published earlier this year. The book delves into the topic above and is built around the top regrets people typically have in their lives, outside of work. Whereas I challenged the reader to become qualified in my best-selling Second Decision book, I challenge entrepreneurs and leaders to become intentional and to commit to non-negotiables in this book. Non-negotiables are commitments that you are not willing to compromise on; they are off-limits for discussion. What are they not? Statements like, “I know I should,” “I really want to try,” or “I am going to give this my best shot.”

For more info, you can visit my website at www.randyhnelson.com.