What Is Your Greatest Weakness as a Leader?

What is your greatest weakness

Each of us have our weaknesses and that is perfectly okay. What is NOT okay is ignoring them, and then remaining unaware of the consequences the decision to ignore this weakness will bring.

Here is my challenge for you this month:

Write down your greatest weakness as an entrepreneurial leader. Think about the effect on the organization if you choose to ignore that weakness throughout the year. Now identify where specifically in your organization you might be set up to fail because of that weakness.

One of my favorite definitions of Self-Awareness is:

Know Thyself. Improve Thyself. Complement Thyself.

One of my favorite phrases is:

The lack of Self-Awareness is the fatal flaw of a entrepreneurial leader.”

Randy H NelsonIn 2020, my questions will be centered around self-awareness and your growth as an Entrepreneurial Leader.

So where are you setup for failure, and who do you need to complement yourself with to overcome that weakness and turn it into a strength for your organization?

It’s time to decide!

Randy H Nelson


Randy is a public speaker, executive coach/advisor and the author of The Decision Series for Entrepreneurs®.