Why is ‘The Second Decision’ Necessary?

The Second Decision Becoming a Qualified Entrepreneur - Randy Nelson

Are you truly qualified to lead your company? Are you holding your company back? Are you continuing to build your legacy or starting to taint it? To be qualified, you must have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge in your field. You also have to have the self-awareness necessary to perform tasks. You must possess the ability to reflect on … Read More

What is The Second Decision™? Becoming a Qualified Entrepreneur™!

Business man making decision on which path to take.

­The American dream, to own one’s own business and have control of his or her life. The ability to follow a passion and turn it into a living; after all, if you love what you do, it’s not a job. Isn’t that what they tell us? So you took the first step and made your first decision—to become an entrepreneur. … Read More