How Discipline Equals Freedom


Especially for Entrepreneurs For people who never served in the military, the concept that discipline equals freedom may seem strange. Many probably think of freedom as being care-free and, perhaps, free to indulge in whatever they like.

New Year, Same Business: Moving Forward in 2016

same old business

So you’ve started your business – perhaps years ago, or perhaps just last year. Up until now, it has taken guts and endless hours to get your business to where it is in 2016. Take stock of what you’ve accomplished and never lose sight of the hard work you’ve put in. No one can take that away from you.

4 Types Of Leaders And How They Affect Bottom-Line Success

4 types of leaders

It’s one of the oldest maxims in recorded human history: “know thyself.” That may seem like a simple instruction, but in my experience it can be deceptively complex, especially for business leaders who really do need to know themselves since other people are affected by their actions.

Best Breakfast Foods for an Aspiring Entrepreneur

you are what you eat

With Thanksgiving right around the corner the obsession with food comes into full effect. Tis’ the season to throw away self-control and indulge in the treats you deny yourself the rest of the year. However, as businesspeople, we are genetically programmed to be on the move no matter what time of year it is. Food can have an important impact … Read More

Top 5 Tips to Get Your Business Going


You’ve decided to start your own business, great! Now what? There is a multitude of tasks and stresses awaiting you on this exciting but nerve wracking adventure you have set out on. So, how did I narrow this list down to only 5 things? By importance. These are the top 5 things you must possess in order to get your … Read More

5 Errors That Can Undermine Your New Business

Going out of business

The dream of launching a business runs deep in the American psyche, but more often than not, those dreams go bust. Half of new U.S. companies fail in their first five years, according to Gallup. Expand the timeframe out to 10 years and the failure rate reaches 70 percent. In a way, I don’t find that surprising. The skills it … Read More

What is the Entrepreneur Qual Card?

Qual Card

What is the Entrepreneur Qual Card, you ask? Well, you may not have asked, but it’s an important tool to help you discover where you stand as a businessperson and how you can rise to become a Qualified Entrepreneur. A Qualified Entrepreneur possess the vision, the personal skills, the perseverance, and the nuts-and-bolts knowledge that your company will need from … Read More

3 Inexpensive Things Entrepreneurs Can Do To Build Their Brand


Marketing is a crucial part of any company that wishes to deem itself successful. In order to gain the exposure that keeps a company relevant in today’s news, the CEO must spend a significant amount of their budget on hiring an internal marketing department or outsourcing to another company who specialize in this exposure. These 3 tips show a few … Read More